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About Bell City Foundry

Bell City FoundryBell City Foundry (Brantford) Ltd is a family owned business that has been in operation since 1947.

We are currently in its Third Generation. The Foundry was opened by William Kostuk and Joseph Novak. In the 1970s, William’s son Richard Kostuk bought the business and ran the business until his passing in 2005. The Foundry is now owned and operated by Rhonda Kostuk and her Children.

Bell City Foundry (Brantford) Ltd. supplies a large range of castings – hubs, pulleys, valve closers, brake drums, cultivator parts, etc. – for the gas and water meter markets, processing plants, refineries and utilities, etc.

With the use of the Hunter 10s, Disa Forma, and Koyo we are able to pour different grades of Grey and Ductile Iron; with weights ranging from 1 oz to 100 pounds.

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411 West Street
Brantford, ON.,

Phone: 519-753-2651
Fax: 519-759-8323

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